4TBar All Natural Beef is TENDER. The cattle on the ranch are born in the spring when the grass is starting to grow and the weather is warmer. The cattle spend their whole life on the ranch with all the grass, water and minerals they need. The livestock live in a stress free environment with lots of wide open space.
After weaning at 10-12 months of age, the calves reach a weight of 800-1,000 lbs. Lloyd takes the cattle in small groups to a USDA approved processing facility. The carvass is dry-aged for about 2 weeks before processing. Cold, dry-aging allows the moisture to evaporate from the meat which helps to concentrate the flavor and means that the consumer is paying for beef, not water. During the dry-aging process, natural enzymes in the meat break down the fibrous and connective tissue which ensures that the meat will be as tender as possible. All meat is then vacuum packed in individual packages to insure freshness and quality.
Because Thiel 4TBar All Natural Beef is processed at a younger age than most beef, the cuts of meat are smaller, more tender, and more flavorful than what is found in older animals that need more fat to make them tender. Thiel 4TBar Ranch cuts of beef are leaner and healthier with very little waste.