The Thiels

4TBar All Natural Beef is raised on the THIEL Ranch in the northwest corner of Wyoming. The Thiel family has lived in this area since the mid 1800’s. Raising high quality beef is not only a passion, but has been a way of life for over 150 years.
Today, the Thiel family ranching tradition continues with Lloyd and Tammy Thiel. They have been married for 31 years and have raised three children on the ranch. Lloyd and Tammy consider life on the ranch as a lifestyle not a job. They do the day to day ranching tasks themselves with occasional help from friends and family.
The Thiels believe smaller, family operations can focus on quality rather than the bottom line. They take pride in raising the best cattle possible. Lloyd buys only top quality bulls from reputable registered breeders. The Thiels are always looking for ways to improve their herd to insure the best quality product.