4TBar All Natural Beef is raised on TRADITION. The Thiel Ranch is a family operation and uses traditional ranching methods. Their Black Angus cross cattle are raised in the wide open spaces of Wyoming with clean air, clear mountain water and irrigated natural grass pastures. The cattle are routinely rotated through pastures in a low stress method of opening gates between pastures and allowing the cattle to move themselves.
The cattle are seldom confined, only during times when it is necessary to sort and work the animals. The Thiels believe in working cattle “slow and easy,” which is safer and less stressful for the cow and cowboy.
Since Thiels’ 4TBar Ranch is a family operation, they know each animal and keep extensive records on each one. Because Lloyd and Tammy truly care about every animal on the ranch, if one gets sick or injured they treat it to the best of their ability. If an animal has to be given antibiotics, they will not sell it as all natural. The beef the consumer buys will never receive any antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or animal by-products. Consumers can be assured that they will buy the best beef on the ranch.